New edition of the Contest “Polish Development Aid” (“Polska pomoc rozwojowa 2014”).

New edition of the Contest “Polish Development Aid” (“Polska pomoc rozwojowa 2014”).

Polska Pomoc resize

Polska Pomoc resize

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland announces a new edition of the Contest “Polish Development Aid” (“Polska pomoc rozwojowa 2014”).

The goal of the contest is implementing development activities, including support in the process of transformation, according to the “Plan of Polish Development Cooperation” and “Multi-year Programme of Polish Development Co-operation 2012-2015”.
The objectives of the contest are in particular: selection of the best project submitted by non-governmental institutions, local public administration, public universities and academies, research institutes, Polish Academy of Sciences and its organizational subunits. The application may be submitted only by a Polish organization in co-operation with a partner in the respective country.

The contest refers to activities in Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, East Africa, Kyrgyzstan, Tadjikistan, Palestine.

Total amount for the projects to be approved:

1. For Priority 1 (Development aid projects): 21 150 000 PLN (ca. 5 287 500 euros)
2. For Priority 2 (Transformation support projects): 300 000 PLN (ca. 75 000 euros).

Implementation period of the projects: till 31 December 2014

Submission deadline: 13 noiembrie 2014!!!

Forecasted end of evaluation period: 4 February 2014.

Relevant Sub-Priorities for Moldova:

Priority 1: Development aid projects (total amount: 3 000 000 PLN, ca. 750 000 euros for Moldova):
a) Regional Development and capacity-building of public and local administration
– Assistance in preparing and implementing legal framework of financing system for local administration
– Supporting public administration in adapting the legal system of the state to the standards of the European Union
– Preparing local public authorities to more efficient absorption of national and international funds
– Increase of competencies of institutions responsible for regional development, including preparing strategies and implementing activities resulting from them.

b) Agriculture and Rural Development
– Building capacities of small and medium enterprises, agricultural co-operatives and agricultural consultancy
– Increasing the competitiveness of agricultural production
– Implementing innovative techniques and technologies in the domain of agriculture (also untraditional ones or based on diversified energy sources linked with waste-water economy and waste management) as well as modernizing rural infrastructure
– Modernization of infrastructure in order to improve the quality of education system, health services, social care in rural areas).

Priority 2: Transformation support projects (applications can be submitted only by NGO’s from Poland)
– Reforming public administration on central, regional and local level; creating apolitical and efficient civil service; supporting anti-corruption initiatives of the government, local government (APL) and non-government sector
– Adapting the legal and institutional framework to the European Union standards in the partner countries closely co-operating with the EU
– Development of small and medium entrepreneurship
– Development of agriculture and rural areas
– Support in solving social problems resulting from the transformation process, including those referring to socially vulnerable groups
– Counter-measures against degradation of natural environment, climate changes and mitigation of the results of climate changes
– Creating a modern informational order in terms of the media market, digitization and access to public information of superior quality.


Please submit your project idea to the Information Center ( in English, Polish or Russian. The ICLA can assist you in finding a suitable partner in Poland. Remember that Polish organizations which submit their first application within this competition have to register on the website of the Polish MfA 2 weeks before the submission deadline. For this reason, we will accept enquiries for finding a partner only till 18 October 2013.


This is a working translation of a part of important rules of the contest. More detailed information, relevant especially for the Polish lead partners, is available in Polish at the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland:,na,realizacje,zadania,publicznego,Polska,pomoc,rozwojowa,2014,1891.html

Polish beneficiaries should not forget to get acquainted with all the regulations referring to the contest and read all attachments available on the website.



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