The results of the first round of the „SPF” grant competition




The Information Center would like to inform you that the first stage of SPF grant competition there were a total of 79 concept notes that were assessed. Each application has been individually evaluated by two members of Grant Commission according to the „Rules of evaluation and selection of applications of Solidarity Fund PL”. A plenary meeting was held which the Grant Commission approved 21 concept notes that will move on to the second round of the competition.

All the results of first stage of SPF grant competition can be downloaded here!

Applicants whose projects were approved for the second stage of competition will receive via e-mail all relevant templates needed for applying.

ATENTION! The deadline  for submitting full application was prolonged till January 12, 2015, 5 pm (the application – signed and stamped by eligible authority must be submitted in a hard copy to the CIAL office by January 12th, 2015, 5 pm, in person or by post (the date of postal stamp is considered as the day of application being submitted). The application must be accompanied by an electronic version of the application sent in doc file at before the deadline.

Those applicants whose projects were not selected does not imply the project was not good but at this time there were other projects that took precedence.

Unfortunately the SPF could not supply financing to all of good projects, it was limited to so for only the best projects of those which applied.

If you have any questions regarding the evaluation of the submitted concept notes, please contact Iulian Ungureanu at: