Improving socio-economic situation in Chiriet-Lunga village by honoring the ancestors’ traditions


The Chiriet-Lunga village develops from the perspective of the ancestral national traditions, where the sewing customs, the embroidery crafts, the sewing of the Gagauz vests were preserved.

Within the framework of the project „Innovative Approach for Preservation and Promotion of the Patrimony of Gagauz and Bulgarians in the Republic of Moldova„, implemented in the consortium of localities: Avdarma – Chiriet-Lunga – Tvardita, was organized a master class on decorative embroidery on clothes in Chiriet-Lunga.

On August 28, 2017, embroidery and decoration specialists demonstrated the equipment on which the model is drawn on the product, explained the specificity of the work with the thread, the embroidery frame, shared the experience of the process of selecting the details from which the national model is composed.

Participants were also invited to create their own model using professional equipment and materials.

„By participating at the master-class on decorative embroideries for clothes and the application of the national model, I have gained a lot of knowledge about the process of selection and painting on fabrics and, at the same time, I have discovered a huge field of activity for a creative person,” declared Murji Nina – participant at the event, from the Chiriet-Lunga village.

In addition to training for the application of the national model, industrial sewing machines and embroidery machines will be purchased within the project, which will be installed in the Culture Center from the Chiriet-Lunga village.

Professional equipment will provide significant support to local artisans who will produce and sell Gagauzian and Bulgarian costumes for folk and dance groups in the villages of Tvardita, Avdarma and Chiriet-Lung and will create souvenirs for tourists in the future.

The event is organized under the Small Project Fund program of the Solidarity Fund in Moldova, funded by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Polish Development Cooperation Program – Polish Aid.