Culture for Local Development ( 15 – 21 may)


The “Culture for Local Development” workshops for young managers from the Eastern Partnership countries working in cultural sector are organized by and European Solidarity Centre (ECS) in collaboration with Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova. They are directed to culture activists from Georgia, Moldova, Poland and Ukraine. The aim of the workshops is to deepen knowledge and skills of the participants in culture project management. The workshops will provide the participants with tools that will allow them to initiate and carry out important and attractive socio-cultural events in their local communities as well as with an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and experience, but also provide a platform for sharing own experience with the colleagues from other countries. Consequently, the workshops will provide ground for discussion, initiating interinstitutional contacts and inspiring new cultural and social initiatives in the Eastern Partnership countries.

During the workshops, the participants, assisted by the experts, will design projects of local initiatives. In the end of the workshops, the participants will partake in the “Europe with a view to the future” forum, organized by the European Solidarity Centre.

Applicants must have sufficient knowledge of English to be able to communicate with the project staff and other participants.

To apply, please complete and submit the application form:

Submission deadline: 24 march 2016

All costs related to travel and accommodation will be covered by project budget.