Dan Moraru, Balti: “The Urban Revitalization Programme is a valuable experience, and the local community should be involved in it”


The Urban Revitalization Programme (hereinafter URP) is an ambitious initiative – it is oriented to the integral and sustainable development of cities, starting with the revitalization zone. In the frameworks of this particular initiative, we get to know the urban communities, as well as bright project ideas that are meant to improve the lives of the citizens.

“The drafting of the Balti Municipality’s URP has come a long way”, says Dan Moraru, the Chief of the External Relations and Attraction of Investments Service of the Balti Mayoralty, as well as the responsible person for the Municipality’s URP. “We’ve gone through various stages of registering in the proposal for the technical support, we’ve thoroughly analyzed the area of our Municipality according to the social, economic, environmental, technical and spacio-functional indexes. After this processes, we have identified the Slobozia zone as the revitalization zone and, afterwards, we have executed a Fact Finding Mission.”