Alina Stratulat: “I am the first success story of the Local Action Group!”


Lazo is a small village located 20 km from the Balti municipality and 30 km from the Drochia city, it is part of the Hăsnăşenii Noi commune and counts a little bit over 500 souls. The commune is one of the 7 administrative-territorial units that are part of the “Cubolta Valley” Local Action Group (LAG).

Among the most active members of the “Cubolta Valley” LAG is Alina Stratulat, a young woman from the Lazo village, for which the participation in the LAG meetings has influenced her life in a very positive way.

Alina is an open and lucky person. She is 28 years old and, together with her husband, she educates 3 children and thinks that every day in her life is beautiful in its own way. For her, the family and the environment in which she lives are two things that deserve all her attention and efforts.

About the process of creating the ”Cubolta Valley” LAG she found out in August 2018. One day, the school director proposed to attend a meeting with representatives of an organization wishing to implement an interesting project in their village. That’s how Alina met the Solidarity Fund team got acquainted with the LEADER approach. Being curious by nature, she went to the first meeting of the Action Group in September, to the village of Petreni. Since then, she has participated in all the Local Action Group meetings. “I find it a great idea to get involved in such a project. It gives the possibility to develop personally, but also to do something concrete for the native village“, mentions Alina.  In fact, Alina tells about herself that she is the first person to which her participation in the LAG has already helped to change for the better. “I am the first success story of our LAG,” she says.
The reason why Alina is saying this is primarily due to the fact that the LEADER initiative and the prospects it offers to the area have mobilized her. She began to look at her native village from another perspective, to observe local resources, to see it’s people potential. Secondly, LAG meetings offer the opportunity for residents to get to know each other, especially those who attend these meetings regularly.

After the second meeting, which was held in October 2018, the school director proposed to Alina to work as a librarian. “It was my first official activity experience! This has changed me a lot, gave me a lot of confidence in my forces. I’ve become a better person and I’m proud of that. And all due to the fact that the director got to know me better“, exclaims Alina.

LAG’s place in Alina’s plans

The young woman is a convinced familist. Her main project is her family. But she thinks LAG membership will also offer her personal development opportunities. “It is a good start, I have already learned many things from the meetings of the LAG “Cubolta Valley”. I have formed a vision, I understand where I want to go, how to develop myself. The important thing is that this is motivating us to stay home. I think everything is ahead, perspectives do exist and I have much inspiration to do good and useful things. I have great expectations from the LEADER project, I hope that in the future as many people as possible will get involved in different actions for our village and for the whole area”, hopes the young woman.

And since we are now in the month of March, Alina sends a message to women all over Moldova – “Let’s be brave and believe in ourselves. Many things depend on women, on how they see things. We gain appreciation and respect by ourselves, so we must not neglect our own dreams and projects. Congratulations for us, women!

Project funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) within the LEADER/CLLD rural initiatives at local level and co-financed by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Polish development cooperation program – Polish aid, implemented by Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova.