Solidarity Fund PL în Moldova/Centrul de Informare pentru Autoritățile Locale 

Solidarity Fund PL is a state treasury foundation of Poland re-established in 2011 by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to support the sustainable socio-economic development of the developing countries and their societies, as well as to support democratisation processes and building of modern state’s institutions, promotion of human rights and supporting civil society.

Representation of Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova
Since 2012 Solidarity Fund PL has a representative office in Moldova – Representation of Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova – that aims at supporting local development and local democracy in Moldova. The Fund works under the joint Polish-Moldovan initiative Information Center for Local Authorities initiated by the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the governments of Poland and Moldova.

Our mission & vision
The person is the core of our activities. 
We support local communities in the Republic of Moldova in the process of implementing systemic approaches to local development, based on the principles of solidarity and subsidiarity.  

Our working principles

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have an idea to contribute to local development. Thanks to our donors all our activities are free of charge.