Project title:
Access to success: partnership for self-sustainable community development 



– European Union, in the framework of the Confidence-Building Measures Programme (80% of co-financing);
– Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, in the framework of Polish Aid Programme and own contribution of the partners (20%).

Project budget:  EUR 779.775,00

Project duration:  01.03.2017 – 31.07.2019

Contact person:
Irina Arpentii
tel: (+373) 68607735

Project objectives:
The project aims at developing local communities in both banks of the Dniester River, based on Asset-Based Community Development model (ABCD approach), through identifying local resources and needs as well as through co-financing local development projects, in domains such as:

  • culture and sport
  • environment
  • economic development
  • social sphere. 

The project involves the representatives of 30-34 localities – local community actors, gathering business, public and civil society representatives – for trainings and building capacities sessions as well as for study visits and implementing local development projects.

Project partners:

Project activities:
Project initiation
ABCD training program for the representatives of 30-34 communities from both banks of the Dniester River on the following subjects:

  • community development and economic development;
  • community resources and needs assessment;
  • local partnerships and implementation of local development initiatives.

Series of study visits to Poland for sharing the EU experience in local development approach based on local resources.
– Grant program – up to 15 joint projects aiming at local development on both banks of the Dniester River will be financed with a budget up to EUR 28.700,00 (each)
-Information and knowledge sharing activities for project stakeholders-forums, sessions of workshops for three thematic groups (culture and sport, environment and local development, economic development and tourism ); four sharing experience study visits in Poland; information dissemination round tables and expert meetings, elaboration of publications and training materials.

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