LEADER Support

We support Local Action Groups in Moldova, on institutional development, capacity building, community mobilization tools, etc.

LEADER Support

We aim to provide support to Local Action Groups in Moldova to become operational and sustainable, with well-developed management and fundraising capabilities for implementing Strategic Action Plans.



The Small Projects Fund is a financing instrument for Local Action Groups in Moldova, to implementing local development projects.


Through the Small Projects Fund - LEADER Rural Edition we offer financial and methodological support to Local Action Groups (created under the LEADER approach) for the implementation of rural development projects.



Implementing LEADER approach by bringing public, civic, and business leaders of nearby communities together to maximize effectiveness.

Project Duration: January 2017 – September 2018

Improving the competitiveness of small local entrepreneurs located in rural areas.


Implementing the EU LEADER / CLLD approach

Support ATU Gagauzia and Taraclia district in the process of implementing the LEADER approach at the local level.

Project duration: January 2017 – September 2018

Facilitate and support local communities in ATU Gagauzia and Taraclia district in the process of implementing the LEADER approach at the local level.

The LEADER programme (an acronym in French meaning Links between actions for the development of the rural economy) is a European Union initiative to support rural development projects initiated at the local level in order to revitalise rural areas and create jobs.
LEADER I ran from 1991–93, LEADER II from 1994–99, and LEADER+ from 2000-2006. In the current programming period (2014-2020), the LEADER method has been extended to cover not only rural but also coastal (FARNET) and urban areas under the banner of Community-led Local Development (CLLD). 

The main concept of the LEADER approach states that the development activities are more effective and efficient if decided and implemented at the local level, by local actors, according to transparent procedures. This makes LEADER approach a local development method / instrument that allows different local actors to develop an area by using its endogenous development potential. The list of 7 key features of LEADER approach includes: 

  • Area-based local development strategies: taking place in a small, homogeneous socially cohesive territory;
  • Bottom-up approach: local actors design the strategy and choose the actions;
  • Public-private partnership – the Local Action Group: LAGs are balanced groups involving public and private-sector actors, which can mobilise all available skills and resources;
  • Facilitating innovation: giving LAGs the flexibility to introduce new ideas and methods;
  • Integrated and multi-sectoral actions: between economic, social, cultural and environmental actions, as distinct from a sectoral approach;
  • Networking: allowing learning among people, organisations and institutions at local, regional, national and European levels;
  • Co-operation: among LEADER groups, for instance to share experiences, allow complementarity or to achieve critical mass.

All that makes the LEADER approach a perfect tool that corresponds with the challenges Moldova is facing at the local level on its’ way to transformation and modernisation.  
The experience of other countries which have implemented LEADER mechanism show that it can be used as an  accelerator and a stimulus for the real change at the local level, in terms of local development as well as in terms of community empowerment and civic engagement. 

Contact person:
Marina Albu
e-mail: marina.albu@centruinfo.org
tel. (+373) 60233312


GAL-urile LEADER USAID sunt în procesul definitivării imaginii lor

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Ședința lucrativă a constat din mai multe etape, în urma cărora a fost aprobat statutul Asociației și aspectele organizatorice de înregistrare ale acesteia.

Rezultatele etapei a treia de implementare a proiectului USAID LEADER în...

Aceste întâlniri au fost axate pe identificarea resurselor locale și a analizei SWOT a fiecărei microregiuni.

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La eveniment au participat reprezentanți ai GAL-urilor existente și în proces de creare din toată țara.

Mihai Chitaica, GAL „Serpentina Nistrului”: „Am reușit să aduc copiii la...

O altă istorie este despre un proiect destinat dezvoltării unei comunități sănătoase și, gândim noi, încercării de a-i obișnui pe copii cu modul sănătos de viață.

Familia Necula, GAL „Plaiul Codrilor”: „Cu mica noastră afacere, vom deschide...

Vasile și Valentina Necula sunt beneficiari ai proiectului Fondului Granturilor Mici, implementat de Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova. Proiectul lor e întitulat „Crearea condițiilor de procesare a fructelor în microregiunea GAL «Plaiul Codrilor».”

2 etape realizate în cadrul proiectului USAID LEADER

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Primele ședințe de lucru ale GAL-urilor USAID LEADER (a II-a etapă...

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Se conturează un nou GAL: Prima ședință în s.Lipnic

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IInd working meeting of the Local Implementation Team – USAID LEADER

On August 22, 2018, at the headquarters of the Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova took place the second working meeting of the Local Implementation...

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Schimb de experiență între GAL-urile din Polonia și Moldova

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Study visit to Poland of Moldovan 11 LAGs

During July 23 – 27, 2018 was organised the study visit to Poland for knowing Polish experience on local development. Each LAG was represented...

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