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USAID LEADER Project is a two-years (2018 – 2020) activity funded by USAID in cooperation with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland  and implemented by Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova. 
The project aims to increase the development of rural areas by working with local people, including leaders of public, civic and private sector based on common projects implementation.  The territorial development process is managed locally, the networking and cooperation ensure mutual benefit from the gained experience.

LEADER Programme (an acronym in French meaning ”Links between actions for the development of the rural economy”) is a European Union initiative to support rural development projects initiated at the local level in order to revitalize rural areas and create jobs.

Currently, based on Solidarity Fund PL and other donor organisations support, LEADER Programme was successfully applied in the eleven so-called Local Action Groups (LAGs) formed by local partners from more than 70 rural communities in Moldova in a bottom-up way.

In local communities this initiative will rely on Local Action Groups (LAGs) created from public, business and civil society sectors representatives to decide on the territorial delineation of their activities, establish partnerships, prepare and agree on integrated local rural development strategies, as well as identify and implement local development projects and actions. The LAG is established by neighbouring mayoralties (at least three), with a population of at least 10.000 people. The LAGs main responsibility is to manage the continue local development processes systematically.

LEADER initiatives envisages a cycle of progressive steps starting from the local mobilisation and identification of community groups, their consolidation around the identified priority concerns and needs, and finalizing with the full capacity of LAGs to plan and manage sustainable local development.

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Major Areas of support

Expand EU LEADER approach IN MOLDOVA

Within the Project will be selected 5 micro-regions, based on an open call for partnering localities, willing to establish local partnerships. Subsequently, we will train the local people from rural communities to ensure active participation in the strategic planning and decision-making process as well as support the community driven rural development initiatives.

LEADER Project activities will be divided into three phases:

  • community mobilisation, coaching and mentorship provided by rural development experts & facilitators to empower local partnership
  • guidance in the process of: local LEADER partnership development and elaboration of the Local Strategic Action Plan
  • assistance in setting up the LAGs’ managements and developing their institutional capacities to be able to manage local development and to join networking opportunities.

Enhance the competitiveness of small Local entrepreneurs located in rural areas

In the second year of the project, LAGs will announce calls for local development projects targeting business owners. It is planned to support the best performing local small and micro companies for production, post-harvest, processing, sales & marketing development in order to create new jobs, raise locally generated incomes, develop business and the local economic growth.

Expected results

  • Territorial Partnerships developed
  • Local Action Groups set up
  • Local Development Strategies developed
  • Local leaders more active as members of LAGs
  • Local people, local public and private organisations improve their performance
  • Community members involved in local development process
  • Local sectors representatives improved their knowledge and skills in rural development
  • Local leaders obtained practical exchange best experience on rural development
  • Local business holders improved understanding and experience in production, storage, marketing, sales, export and local market development
  • Local business supported in their capacity development
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